Meliora Capital Management, LLC (Meliora Capital) is a registered New York State limited liability company and student investment club based in Rochester, NY.  Meliora Capital manages an all equity portfolio wholly owned by its members. Its purpose is twofold: (1) to foster a collaborative environment for University of Rochester students to engage in hands-on learning about financial markets; (2) to manage an investment portfolio that exceeds market returns.

Meliora Capital  is a great opportunity for members to gain real-world investing experience and become familiar with the financial industry. The Company serves as a forum for members to pool investing knowledge and to build skills critical for success in the financial industry.

Investment Philosophy:

Meliora Capital believes in a weak form of the efficient markets hypothesis, which asserts that all past market prices and data are fully reflected in securities prices and accordingly technical analysis is of no use. As follows, we believe that the fundamental analysis of companies can reveal price and valuation inefficiencies in the market and thus provides an opportunity to outperform the market. We employ both value and growth investing techniques in assessing investment opportunities.

We use various research techniques and strategies to produce both long and short ideas to be voted on by all members. Our portfolio may tend to either overweight or underweight a given sector relative to the entire market at any given point in time. We take advantage of current market trends in order to maximize profits for our members.


Membership in the club is appropriate for individuals with or without investing or finance experience, but desiring to gain more knowledge of financial markets and investing.

Because Meliora Capital invests real money in the market and is set up as a limited liability company, members are the owners of the company. In order to attain membership to Meliora Capital, each member must purchase an ownership unit. Each member will be limited to one ownership unit to ensure:

  1. voting equality
  2. appropriate distribution of profits or losses to members’ accounts.

Ownership units are priced at $500.

Meliora Capital Management LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.